Janjou Patisserie was founded in Boise, Idaho in 2008  by Moshit and Chuck, a husband and wife, as a wholesale bakery selling mostly cookies to local shops. A retail bakery and a cafe was opened in 2013. 
Janjou Patisserie is named after Moshit's mother whose nickname was Janjou. 

Moshit Mizrachi-Gabbitas  Owner and Pastry Chef of Janjou Pâtisserie, moved to Boise, Idaho from Israel in 2007.
After several years in the semi-conductor industry, she decided to make a change of career and follow her passion for baking.  She graduated from Estella kitat Oman, a leading baking school in Israel and completed her internship at Mazzarrine, a high end French Pâtisserie in the Tel-Aviv area. 
Since then she has continued her education by taking many classes taught by renowned French pastry chefs. 

Chuck Gabbitas Owner and the man who makes it all possible. A gifted plastic fabricator, well-known for his skills in the semi-conductors industry and a native Idahoan is the person who wears many hats from purchasing to Barista and the person who makes Moshit's dream happen on daily basis. 

Our Work Of Art   We use high quality, organic and local ingredients as much as possible. The milk and cream for the coffee bar and butter (the heart and soul of our pastries) come from Cloverleaf creamery in Buhl, ID. 
Our coffee beans are roasted weekly by Lizzy's fresh coffee in Ketchum, ID.
We use Valrhona chocolate in all of our pastries, desserts and drinks.
Every dessert and pastry are meticulously hand crafted daily by Moshit and her team of bakers who have a great passion for quality and detail.