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Graden of Dreams _ Tin .jpg
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 Herbal Tea 

A blend of citrus fruit, lemon balm, camomile and verbena

Garden of Dreams ("Jardin des Songes") is a sweet, soothing herbalist’s recipe, a blend of citrus peel, lemon balm, camomile and lemon verbena.

It is composed mainly of 10 fruits and plants:

- apple
- lemon
- lemon balm
- camomile
- lime blossom
- lemon verbena
- nettle leaves
- lavender
- rose and cornflower petals

Completely caffeine free, this infusion is ideal for the evening.
It can be enjoyed both hot and iced.

To create Gardens, our new collection of infusions, we drew on our expertise and creativity developed over nearly 30 years of work on flavoured teas.

Gardens are high-quality infusions with healthy, delicious flavours, made from complex combinations of fruits, flowers and aromatic plants with many virtues. Each infusion evokes a particular garden.

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